The new Verizon iPhone and Superbowl recap

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Superbowl recap, super bowl commercials

  • Sunday, February 6, 2011 – 6:30pm
  • 8 million pounds of guacamole is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • 14,500 tons of chips are eaten along with that guacamole.
  • 8 million pounds of guacamole are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • It takes 49.5 million pounds of avocados to make that guacamole. To put that in perspective, cover the football field from end zone to end zone in 12 feet of guac!
  • 22,000 tons of chips are eaten along with that guacamole.
  • About 1.25 billion wing portions
  • Of the top 10 most watched television programs of all time, 9 of them are Super Bowls.
  • More drivers are involved in alcohol-related accidents on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year (except St. Patrick’s Day), according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Valentines day on campus

Phi Mu Alpha needs money to support their Habitat 4 Humanity project, and are offering Valentine’s singing grams, to be sung on Thursday and Friday of this week and V-Day itself. Grams are $10 each, and will be on sale all this week at the UC Breezeway, including RIGHT…NOW.

Tech Talk: The new Verizon iPhone, get the facts

-The wait is over for verizon users, starting Feb 10th you can order your iPhone 4
-Verizon’s CDMA network (vs GSM network) doesn’t support simultaneous voice and data,
-The iPhone is almost identical, just change to antenna made to work with Verizon’s CDM, top of phone doesn’t have line, slight change in volume buttons requires new case (your AT&T iphone case won’t work with your Verzino iPhone), no sim slot
-Software: Five-user WIFI hotspot (something standard on Androids), allowing to connect without cable
PSA: In light of recent news, it would behoove one to restrain from using the word chola, cholo, chonga, or chongo in public, especially if addressed to a specific person, regardless of intent or degree of offense, including no offense at all.  In recent news, Lady Gaga was recently seen with a very pungent bar of soap in her mouth (KIDDING)