Space Jam Movie Review

  • Movie Review: SPACE JAM
    • pure flashback awesomeness
    • compare how I remember it to how many jokes I get now
      • sexual referencs
        • Woman Fan: This guy next to me is doing something very weird in his raincoat.
        • Pat Ewing: underperforming in other areas (basketball jones: yeahhhh)
      • jabs at the industry (self + at others)
        • WB
          • property of WB (Daffy then kisses the WB sticker on his derriere)
          • merchandise money/royalties; union workers
            • Daffy Duck: We’ve got to get a new agent. We’re getting screwed!
          • When Bill Murray arrives at the game
            • (Mr. Swackhammer (Danny DeVito): Whoa, whoa, whoa! I didn’t know Dan Aykroyd was in this picture!)
            • Daffy: Just how did you get here, anyway?
            • Bill Murray: Producer’s a friend of mine. He sent a Teamster to drop me off.
            • Daffy: Aha. Well, that’s the way it goes.
        • Disney
          • Daffy: How’s this for a new team name: The Ducks!
          • Bugs: Please! What kind of Mickey Mouse orginization would name their team The Ducks?
        • Products Promotion:
          • Stan Podalak (Wayne Knight): C’mon, Michael, it’s game time. Slip on your Hanes, lace up your Nikes, take your Wheaties and your Gatorade, and we’ll grab a Big Mac on the way to the ballpark.
    • all things considered, Michael Jordan’s acting wasn’t half bad
      • not an actor by trade
      • was talking to himself most of the movie (when talking to Looney Tunes in movie; green screen)
    • divot (noun): A torn up piece of turf (e.g. by a golf club in making a stroke or a horse’s hoof).

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